Nogway Group is present in Europe, Central America and South America in the areas of Engineering and Construction, Real Estate and Tourism.


NOGWAY engineering and construction

Company with more than 25 years of experience, specialized in all areas of civil construction and public works, allowing the client to always obtain a tailor-made solution to meet their needs.


NOGWAY capital

Company in the area of ​​tourist real estate assets, created in 2018 and already has two Apart-Hotel units, on the emblematic and historic Rua de Santa Catarina, in the heart of the unbeaten city of Porto.


NOGWAY real estate

Company founded in 2011 whose activity is the purchase, sale and medium and long-term rental of real estate properties. To date, it has more than 50 beds and 3 commercial spaces, spread across more than 20 properties..



Civil construction company, registered on April 14, 2014 in the Republic of Panama. INCIPRO, S.A. is a professional and flexible construction company in all areas of civil construction, specializing in works for mining projects.



Portotem is made up of two Apart-hotels located on the emblematic and historic Rua de Santa Catarina, in downtown Porto. It features several studios and suites with exclusive Nogway line finishes.


Boxes de Gaia

Boxes de Gaia has mini warehouses available for rent from 1m2 to 100m2 where you can safely store all your belongings.


Declaración de Gamboa 2022
Declaración de Gamboa 2022
Declaração Associação Abrigo para a vida
Declaração Associação Abrigo para a vida
Agradecimento liga Portuguesa contra o cancro
Agradecimento liga Portuguesa contra o cancro


Learning Culture

Constant improvement to provide the best solution to our customers.



Unique Collaborators

Our quality is possible due to the quality of our employees.

Customer Loyalty

We share our future with our customers, growing as they grow and win when they win.

Variety of Offer

Specialised technical experts, competitiveness and response to our customers, both for national and international markets.

Nogway - Important marks


Nogway’s CEO, Fernando Nogueira, in a meeting with Frederico Richa Humbert, Ambassador of Panama in Portugal.


An important landmark between the two countries (Portugal and Panama) where Nogway’s CEO Fernando Nogueira was invited by the Government of Panama to be an illustrative speaker on investments in that country.


End of a meeting with Panama’s vice minister of foreign trade, where he was introduced to Nogway.


Celebration of the 10th of June at the Portuguese Embassy in Peru, by the invitation of the Portuguese Ambassador in Peru. Presentation of Nogway in Peru.


Visit by Engº Fernando Nogueira, CEO of NOGWAY, an engineering and construction company that has been involved in Panama’s development for some time.


European Union event in Panama. Nogway Group CEO, Fernando Nogueira, with European Union Ambassador Chris Hoornaert.

Nogway Group - History

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”
– Peter Drucker

The Nogway group was born in late 1991, by the hand of its founder Fernando Nogueira, operating in the civil construction business. The first subcontract was carried out by means of the reinforced concrete structures of the Melres Fire Station.

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In the same segment, the Group’s founder conquered, in 1992, the participation in the construction of one of the first Tunnels that were executed in the City of Porto, namely the Faria Guimarães Tunnel, still today a reference work, which inserted in the road rehabilitation works in the city of Porto. In 1995, the Group had more than 150 employees. That same year, the award of the participation in a new large-scale project, decisively marks the Group’s successful path: the construction of the Bridge over the Douro River, in Freixo-Porto, thus passing on to more than 200 employees. The founder’s individual path, yields in 1996, before the creation of a limited liability company, which quickly assumed the leadership as the largest local construction company (CINFÃES). Excellent SME, extends its services to all specialties, starts to build as a general contractor, placing in its curriculum participation in the largest works at the national level, focusing mostly on major works, Bridges and Viaducts, communication routes in In general, never discouraging the civil construction sector, it employs more than 500 direct employees. In 2005, a period of devastating crisis, particularly in the sector, its founder adopts a new path / new path (Way) and the diminutive of Nogueira (NOG), unites and the NOGWAY brand is born. Difficult times are faced with a major economic crisis, lack of public and private investment, cuts and freezes in wages, difficult times are being experienced, many social protests and to survive in business is difficult. Internationalization materializes with the vision of the Group’s founder. With extremely competent and serious staff, we move on to neighboring Spain, always keeping some small jobs in Portugal. Only in 2010 did the company, with the name as NOGWAY brand, thanks to its muscular and consolidated internationalization, gain jobs in Spain of great scope, bet on the Belgian market and in France, and the concomitant stability allows to diversify its performance. In 2012, it opens doors on another continent, more specifically in Central America, in the Republic of Panama, attracted by the expansion of the Panama Canal.

Two years later, progressive, consolidated and sustained growth determined the opening of the Perú branch.
Arriving here, through this route, WAY, all the difficulties of rebuilding the project of Founder Nogueira, NOG, overcoming winds and storms, stability is more than ambition: a certainty!

In Panama, after 8 years, he has in his curriculum the largest participation in works in this country, such as: Expansion of the Panama Canal, Barragem del Alto, Barragem de Barro Blanco, Barregam de las Perlas and the infrastructure of the largest Sky Mine Central American Open, Panama Copper Mine. In mid-2019, this group delegation directly employed more than 300 employees.

Today, the Nogway group operates in the European and American markets, has diversified into the real estate and tourism area, has apart-hotels on the emblematic Rua de Santa Catarina, in Invicta Cidade do Porto. In the real estate area, it has a medium and long-term lease quota, in the district of Porto, which is very considerable and its “flag” is to help institutions that support disadvantaged children or those with oncological diseases. It has 200 m2 of its own facilities in Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal.

Who We Support

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Portugal’s headquarters

Alameda Dom Pedro V, nº 41,
4400-115 Vila Nova de Gaia
Telefone: (+351) 220 927 510
Fax: (+351) 220 927 498

Panamá’s headquarters

Avenida Ricardo J. Alfaro, Calle 65 Oeste,
Edificio The Century Tower, Piso 19, Oficina #1921
Telefone: (507) 263-1510

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